I assume that you're here because you read somewhere something like: And I guess that you want to know what is behind this label.
Please be not disappointed, but actually the answer is: "selfmadedesign" is my personal label for all that is a little better succeeded, because of development with some more consequence, and has received only positive feedback. With "selfmadedesign" I mark everything I have designed/created, including any conventions which I learned at university or by other. And what, critically judged by other persons who deal professionally with the relevant topic and is rated positive.

(CC) by-nc-ndUnless explicitly stated otherwise, any adaptation, re-use or commercial as well as private use of products which I created with and without labeling is expressly prohibited! Use is permitted only in the context I intend and communicate.
(e.g. this is approximately comparable to: (CC) by-nc-nd; and this is not a Free Culture License)

For any further questions you can also write me, with the mail-form on the boarding page.